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Thursday, October 9, 2014

One Old TV Down

I knew we were pushing it with these old tvs at home but as long as they were still working there was no point in upsetting the apple cart. I can't even tell you how old this tv was.  I do know I just had to buy a new remote for the one in our basement because we wore out the buttons on that one.   This morning there was a click and the lights went out on the  tv in the living room.  When we couldn't turn it back on and the cable box was still working we figured it was the tv.  Then when the burnt smell filled the room we knew for sure  .All we had to do was bring up the other tv from downstairs which was pretty much the same size.  Everything seems to be working, even the dvd player and cable remote so that's good.  I'm not up for making anymore major changes right now but we know what we want to do.  That would be to take our present entertainment center and tv to the cabin basement and buy a new stand and flat screen tv for home. There's too much going on right now to even attempt this now.  I should hate saying this but I'm looking forward to a big snowstorm that will keep up home bound for a while.  Shame on me I know.

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