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Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Phone

First a little background.  Last year we made the move to Straighttalk in order to save some money on our wireless bill.  The only downside was that we had to buy our phones outright.  I got a slightly more expensive phone with a camera but realized within a couple months that my reception was very poor and the Internet that we were supposed to have was basically non-existent.  So here I am with this phone that is practically useless but at least there was no contract.  I refused to pay for the pricey data plan in addition to an expensive smartphone.  Then came Cyber Monday or Sunday, since they seemed to start early.  I found a straighttalk smartphone for $79 that seemed perfect for what I wanted.  I would keep my plan which provided unlimited minutes, text and data.  I have been tracking this thing all week, waiting in anticipation and getting sucked into believing this would change my life.  Anyway, it came yesterday and I was waiting in the sitting room for the FedEx guy with a bag of candy to show my appreciation.  Then the fun was supposed to begin  -  not!  Like all technology and me, it's a love - hate relationship.  It can be so frustrating to figure things out like this.  I was under no assumption that this was like the pricier IPhone or Android but what I wanted was a phone I could talk on and get e-mail.  I put in all my contacts which was my tutorial for learning how to use a touchpad.  My voicemail was somehow already on the phone but don't ask me how.  I finally mastered the texting part after a couple mishaps, I could talk from the sitting room with my hubby on the phone and the e-mail finally magically appeared later in the evening.  I was able to sleep peacefully last night knowing that I got what I wanted.  Of course, that was after all day on the phone, setting other work aside that I wanted to do, grabbing what I could to eat to get back to that phone and a nasty headache from looking at the little screen too long.  It wasn't a life changer  -  just one less thing to worry about.
P.S.  I love it when my screen is filled with yellow highlights (spellcheck) and nothing is misspelled.  I feel like I'm speaking a different language.

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