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Friday, February 28, 2014

Frigid Temps Again

Yes, we had those frigid temps again last night  -  -12 this morning.  When will it end?  I've written before about us being number 1 in snowfall and how I've seen cold weather here before but never this prolonged.  The last gas bill wasn't too bad but I'm afraid to see the next one.  It's sad when we're excited when it gets in the 20's like that's so much warmer.  I've also never seen so many pile-ups on the interstates as this year.  I used to think accidents were the fault of drivers who didn't know how to drive in the snow or weather conditions but this year has changed my opinion.  The pile-up yesterday on I79 close to here was because of a whiteout and the people weren't going fast.  It just came on so sudden and even if you didn't hit the guy in front of you, it didn't mean the guy behind you wouldn't run into you.  We saw the storm come up and couldn't see up the road either.  I'm just so thankful we're retired and can just stay put until it's all over with.  Hey, I can walk to the store if I have to.

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