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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snowball Blaster Toy

You've probably heard of snowball makers and block makers for snow forts but never one that actually makes the snowballs then shoots them.  Well, yesterday while we were shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond, we found one.  But why do they put stuff on sale past the check-out?  I've always wondered that in other stores too.  I mean over thinking your purchase has got to be a retailers nightmare.  That's exactly what we did but it certainly caught our eyes.  I guess how it works is there is a removable ball maker on top where you put the snow in, close it, and the balls are formed.  From there you feed the balls into a chute that shoots them.  The hilarious part about it was the warning label.  It said you should never throw snowballs at friends, enemies, animals or people.  I mean who else is there!  Get real.  I understand they probably need to do this to protect themselves but this is the fun part of throwing snowballs. They could have said not to throw them at people's faces.  The truth is that most of the time the snow is not good for packing and they break up too soon but snowballs are known for disintegrating as soon as they hit anyway.  They danger would be in making the snowballs ahead of time, leaving them out in frigid weather and letting them ice over.  I'll grant them that.  You also have to hit your target which is hard and we're not convinced this will help those balls reach their target.  Anyway, I thought it was an intriguing idea and worth keeping an eye on.  If it gets reduced even more and we have another 20% off coupon maybe one will end up at the cabin for some winter fun.  I hope the label ends up inside the back cover of Consumer Reports or late night TV.

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