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Monday, September 1, 2014

Pillowcase Trick

Ok, so sometimes I feel like I'm the last one on the planet to find something out.  This will be the best way to put on a pillowcase, ever.  I think I read about this in a magazine.  I don't have any trouble putting a case on so I've never really thought about it all that much.  However,  for the cousin's weekend this past summer, I recruited the grandkids to help me get the loft ready.  One of the jobs was putting pillowcases on the pillows, which I gave to Braden.  Oh my, he was totally lost.  I knew girls are always much better at stuff like this and I also knew Audrey would have no problem figuring it out, but I wanted him to learn and accomplish this task.  I really didn't care how it looked as long as it was done.  Whew, that seemed awful hard.  Then I read this article and it said how putting a pillowcase on could be tricky for the first time and here was the tip.  Turn the case inside out and put your arms through to the corners.  Grab the pillow through the case and inch your hands down the length of the pillow, turning it right side out over the pillow.  I just tried it this morning and by golly it works great, even for me.  So next time I see the kids (or whenever Braden gets his cast off), we will have that lesson in putting on a pillowcase.  Maybe the adults can even join in. 

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