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Friday, January 6, 2012

New Quilt Project

I'm ready to start a new quilt.  I'm excited but still a little apprehensive.  I realized this week that I never really follow a pattern strictly.  I always manage to tweak it a little depending on the size, material or pattern.  I'm a great one for combining a couple different patterns, be it quilts, afghans, hats, pillowcases, purses or scarves.  That's what becomes frustrating for me when I have nothing concrete to follow.  I suppose I'll never change so I may as well revel in the fact that projects are truly mine.  Anyway, I talked before about this quilt, I'll call Garden Twist, and where I got my floral squares.  Soon after I retired I went shopping with a friend and bought 2 shades of green for the strips that intertwine (that was over a year ago).  Since then I've made a bunch of fall table runners and some of that green fit in perfectly.  I originally guessed as to how much to buy so now I'm faced with not enough, I think.  I went to JoAnn's with a long list of fabrics to buy for it and believe it or not, found the 2 shades of green so I could buy more of that.  I also lucked out with the outside border, which I wanted something in pink and green.  I found some on clearance that was exactly what I wanted.  Now the hard part  -  2 fillers in different pink geometric prints.  I needed something that wouldn't fight with those big florals but would still look nice.  I ended up buying a small pink check and a pink with white polka dots.  I'm still not sure about the pinks  -  time will tell on that subject.  So today my project is to determine what width I want my green strips, cut all my strips and sew the green squares to each corner of the florals.  Remember I'm making this up as I go even though I have two patterns I'm looking at but neither is exactly what I want.  Sometimes I think I'm the only one going through these kind of decisions but when I was at JoAnn's I realized we're all the same.  There was a mother-daughter team in there trying to decide what colors of pink and green to put in the little girl's room.  At least I had only myself to argue with!  Another lady and I kept passing each other, smiling and without saying a word, acknowledging our indecision.  Wish me luck.

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