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Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Year

My daughter just came by to pick up the top of her wedding cake to celebrate her anniversary this weekend.  I first had quite a scare when we came home.  I knew she would be stopping by for it so as soon as we got home I looked for it in  the freezer.  I was scared to death when I couldn't find it and I thought I may have thrown it out.  If fact I was in a panic and almost took off to the store to buy another one.  I called my daughter to find out from her that she had already stopped by here to get the cake first.  What a relief!  It brought back a similar memory from my sister's wedding years ago.  We had no idea about the tradition of saving the top of the cake to eat on your anniversary so my family ate the cake after her wedding.  Imagine her surprise upon returning from her honeymoon to find there was no cake left.  Anyway, this ended much better and my daughter and her husband will be celebrating this weekend.  It got me thinking about what all has happened in the span of the last year.  My hubby reminded me this week of the anniversary of not smoking anymore.  Of course that came about in a rather dramatic way that does not need to be remembered.  It's probably one of the few things he will never forget though.  Besides the births of my kids, the only hospital stay I remember the exact date of is my heart surgery, Mar. 15, 2011.  There were other things that happened since last year that have had and will forever affect our lives.  Hopefully time will heal and make those memories not so hurtful. 

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