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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rude Comment

This blog post is about Dear Abby this morning.  She wrote about a woman who has a big belly because of her weight but she is always being mistaken for being pregnant.  We've all been there, maybe not personally but watching someone either give the comment or receive it.  It is embarrassing all the way around.  What I thought was unusual was Abby's reply.  Normally she's not this tough on people but she basically told this lady to lose weight.  I realize there could be some medical reason for this and judging solely on this letter might not be right, but I think Abby might be in for some comments herself.  I have to comment on the young girls' maternity clothes now.  It is pretty obvious when a young girl is pregnant with her choice of tops.  Back when I was pregnant we almost tried to hide our bump with big, pouffy tops but not anymore.  Skin-tight, bright colors and an arrow pointing to the baby-on-board is the rule of the day now.  There should be no mistaking.  I think a better rule would be that if you aren't sure, keep your mouth shut.  I think these comments of Abby's might not help her feel any better but they also might be the incentive for her to try something to alleviate the problem, if she can.  Also it bothers me that men can have their beer belly and never be in the same situation.  Maybe people just don't insult a man the same way they do a woman or not at all.  Anyway it will be interesting to read any remarks on this subject.

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