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Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Direction

I'm hoping my projects will take a new direction this year.  I have a couple of quilt tops done or almost done but have yet to get them finished, either by myself or outsourcing.  I've found that I so much prefer smaller projects that I can quilt on my own.  My plan is to make all those wall hangings I want for my railing at the cabin.  I've been planning this since the day we moved in there.  At first I didn't want seasonal hangings but now I'm all for it.  The way I figure, I can put them up and take them down just like the seasons change.  Last fall I started my Twister Jack block but didn't finish it yet.  I had too many other things to do than work on a Halloween project.  It's ready to go whenever I am though.  Right now what I'd like to do is my cabin hanging.  So far I have a log cabin block, bear's paw block, Smokey the bear block and a pine lodge block.  I also want to make a log cabin (house) block, flag, snake, sun and possibly more animal blocks.  Size will definitely be an issue with this.  I want it to be something we look at and remember a story about it.  I'm hoping this will be an outlet for me to make several of the projects I have on my list. 

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