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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recipes Handed Down

I'm talking about something a little different today.  I've been preoccupied with sewing for awhile now but as my machine is in the shop, I need a diversion.  I watched an Essential Pepin cooking show last night about puff pastry and cream puffs.  I've always been fascinated with recipes involving dough, mainly because my mother was also.  I remember us making strudel together and coming home from school to see a bunch of Hunklich or Maple Twists ready for the taking.  Her specialty was cream puffs though, and not solely based on my word.  One year when I was in 6th grade with Mr. McQuistan we were having an auction in class.  My mom made a big plate of cream puffs to be sold.  My teacher pulled me aside and asked if I had counted how many were on the plate because he was taking a couple before the festivities even got started.  Humor escaped me in those days but I knew they would be a popular treat.  Anyway, back to my tv show.  I was curious to see if Pepin had any memorable tips for dough making and I was shocked to find out his technique.  My mom always said to hand stir the eggs in one at a time or else.  Well, Jacque said first of all to not put eggs in a hot saucepan with the dough.  He then proceeded to put the dough in the food processor, add all 3 eggs and whirl the heck out of them.  I was shocked!!!!!  It seemed to work and who would argue with Jacque Pepin?  I hope if my mother were here with us today she would have embraced the new tool and technique for making cream puffs.  Maybe she would even make her apple pies in the microwave, use real pumpkins for her pumpkin pie and also make hardtack in the microwave also. Love you Mom.

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