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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby Blanket

Here is the blanket I made for Steve and Kristina's baby.  I used fleece for the center and flannel for the edge and backing.  The things I would do differently are:
  1. Use the polka dot material for the backing.  It was very soft and I wish now it would have been on the other side, too.  It was also my favorite fabric.
  2. I would have made the outside strips in different sizes.  It was difficult trying to get the fleece and flannels the right size for what I wanted the overall size to be.  The blue could have been a smaller width and maybe even another pattern mixed in. 
  3. It wasn't until I was almost done that I wish I would have put a batting inside.  I was worried it might be too heavy with fleece and flannel.  I was also concerned that if I put batting in, it would involve more quilting which I didn't want to do.  Next time I will use fleece as a batting which will give it more weight but not require added quilting. 
All in all I like the blanket, it was soft and cuddly and easy and quick to finish.  Kristina got a ton of stuff at the shower so she should be all set.  I forgot the rosamarina salad I made so we're trying to eat that up.  It was a miserable day for traveling but nice to see everyone. 

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