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Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Table Runners

I'm on a roll with these table runners.  I've just finished 2 more, have one that needs to be hand-sewn and another for down the road a bit.  I've tried to use what I say in these blogs and come up with a project that I enjoy doing and I think I've succeeded.  The 2 that I finished are for my daughters and I made them to their specifications.  One wanted something a little narrower to fit on her counter and the other one wanted a square one.  Voila, done.  Remember I said I'd use bigger squares, did that and it was a lot quicker to sew together.  For those I used a Halloween material to back it so it was reversible.  I've been trying to use that stuff up forever.   I went back to the single-fold binding and that's been working pretty well except I made it a little too wide on those ones.  It still looks good though. This new one I have to finish created a new problem.  I bought a certain charm pack which is 5" squares of a certain theme so I don't have to cut them.  My problem is whether to wash or not.  I can't imagine washing a bunch of 5" squares and coming out with a size I can use so what I did was sew them together and then wash.  Worked perfectly!  Some people don't wash their material first because they like how it gets shriveled up once it's all done.  Sorry, not me!  Now, because my runner size has been altered, I put another small edging around the runner.  Then I used a slightly smaller binding on the edge.  The next one I have planned is for my Aunt Mary Jane.  I have some stuff in blue that I think she would like.  I'll tell you more about that later.  One thing I can say is that I'm enjoying making these and I'm tickled about that.  I put another presser foot on my machine to do the stitch in the ditch and it's working very well.  In fact, it is hardly visible from the front which is what I want.  It's funny how one little thing can make such a difference.  It seems to work so much better when I stitch to the right of the seam  -  go figure!  Anyway, just wanted to keep you all posted.  I think I'm ready to work on my next season and maybe a star pattern. 

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