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Friday, February 3, 2012

Class Time

OK, I'm back and ready to start writing some more blogs.  I still have to take a picture of my first quilt of the year and show all of you, then I will talk about what I've learned from it.  I had one class in Jan. for my mystery quilt of the month paper pieced quilt (in the future it will be BOM class).  I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple teachers that I knew in my class.  The first class was practice for the paper piecing and included a heart square.  I have yet to finish it but I will before the next class.  I was a little too busy with other things since then but I now have a ton of homework to do.  We were assigned the first group of colors to buy and cut in the required size pieces for our first block.  I thought I already had this one but after getting the list of amounts for each color, I realized I needed to do more shopping.  So on the way back from Mechanicsburg I stopped at my favorite LQS' in Belleville.  Boy did I find the material and they are so nice and helpful there.  So I think I'm all set as far as fabric  -  now to the cutting.  I'm assuming that each month I will have a fair amount of homework to do so my idea that I would spend just 2 hrs. of class time was a little silly on my part.  I do have some other projects to work on such as my idea for a memory quilt.  Just like I knitted an afghan using leftovers from previous projects, I'd like to make stars with scraps of material from the quilts or project I make.  Looking back at all of these is really fun for me  -  can't wait to start!

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