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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lovin' the New Dryer

We got a new dryer on Tues. and it's working very well.  Of course, things never go as planned, including this purchase.  They called from the store that morning saying the salesman had put the wrong amount in for our debit card and we still owed $20.  She caught me off guard and I didn't even have the receipt in front of me so I asked to call her back after I looked it over.  Sure enough he had put in $20 less than we owed.  So I called her back and she put it on the card again.  Then at about noon or so the delivery truck pulled in.  I heard them moving the old dryer out and then they were gone.  I went to check things out and I said to my hubby "that didn't take long".  Then he told me the problem  -  the cord they brought wasn't long enough.  So we had to go out and buy a 6 ft. cord to finish the installation.  The funny part was that we were charged $20 for the cord and they had to refund us the money (same amount she put on the card that morning).  Strange coincidence, huh?  The only other thing was this strange buzzing noise coming from the basement that had me searching all over.  Here it was the automatic signal from the dryer about 10-15 min. before it stops.  There is no signal knob so I can't adjust or stop it.  I just won't be able to put a load in right before we go to bed.  Other than that I'm pleased with my purchase and no more burn marks!

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