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Friday, March 2, 2012


When I first started this blog, it seemed pretty easy to find things to write about.  As I was out shopping or reading the paper, things would pop into my head and I'd feel motivated to write.  Lately it hasn't been that easy or at least not much as motivated me in that direction.  Now I'm reverting to the good old days when shopping brought up concerns and issues that drove my to blog.  This week my hubby and I went to Erie County Farms and I noticed something as we shopped.  For one thing the customers that particular day were different than ones we normally see  - they were mostly white senior citizens.  My hubby noticed it too.  Mind you I have no problem with the usual clientele, it's just I knew something was different.  Because of this fact, the store was much less busy, especially the deli counter.  This is where my hubby's eating habits differ from the typical senior.  He can eat sandwiches every day, any time of the day.   How I explained this to my hubby was that older folks probably eat more leftovers for lunch and don't eat sandwiches, especially if they are not working.  We have gone in there some days when there were tons of people waiting for lunchmeat and then get behind a person who fills half their cart with it.  I can't imagine anyone eating that much so they must freeze it.  Anyway, that was one observation and another was the people in there that day were buying the chicken like crazy.  It was very interesting to observe this and speculate on what a group of people are eating and it's also blog-worthy.

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