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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Magazine Overload

Since I retired my thing has been magazines  -  lots of them.  I've written before about the problems with subscriptions I had with several of them but now I get very few of regular house/home/food magazines.  I can handle those ones by reading and then tearing out a recipe, website to check or craft idea.  After that I throw them away.  The ones I tend to hang onto are the craft magazines and especially now are the quilting magazines.  When I first retired I did this kind of purge with my magazines but it's time again.  I have two tote bags full of magazines that have to be sorted through.  So every day I go through a bunch of them and pick out patterns that I might want to try sometime.  I'm really trying to be tough on myself and only keep the ones that are special but who knows.  I got a magazine subscription for Christmas which I'm keeping and also with that I get access to 2 yrs. of back issues online.  That outta keep me going for awhile.

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