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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Weighty Issue

I started a class at the Y recently using weights.  I've been through most of the classes that meet after 9 am and before noon that I can just pop into so this was the next step  -  signing up for Women on Weights for a 6 wk class.  There's just one other newbie besides me and the rest just keep coming.  They do different exercises so it's not the same thing exactly.  It feels good to be strengthening my muscles this way and heaven knows I need it.  But I had to get my goals in line for all this.  I'm doing the weights because of "use it or lose it" and because it makes me feel good, at least once I get into it.  The instructor made a comment about one of the machines we use and said it will give us a nice back.  It made me think of all the videos I've seen where they talk about bikini season and firming up our bodies.  Not for us ladies I'm afraid!  There will be no miracle transformation during this 6 weeks or year for that matter with what we're doing in class.  That I can be sure of.  Any promise of it just sets us up for frustration and failure.  Even to say we'll lose some weight is probably not in the cards.  Mind you, I'm not trying to be argumentative or difficult, just realistic.  I also am determined to keep my objective for all this simple  -  do it because it feels good.  Whatever may happen will be a pleasant surprise. 

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