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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilting Techniques

After going to that quilt show, I started thinking about some of the patterns I'd like to try.  I need a small piece to take to my class in March to machine quilt and I thought I'd do a table runner for the cabin with my flower fabric I've accumulated.  I got some daffodil material on sale a while back and would like to do something with that.  I also bought some sunflower fabric on an impulse and afterwords wondered how to use it.  I may have found a pattern for it.  We saw quilts using the One Block Wonder block that fascinated me.  It could also be called Stack and Whack (don't you just love the terminology).  You are supposed to use some of those big prints that are so difficult to use in traditional blocks.   What you end up with is a kaleidoscope design and each one is different.  The One Block Wonder is one material that has been cut into these hexagon shapes that make up all different designs and they are put together in a watercolor sort of fashion.  They are intriguing to say the least.  The Stack and Whack is the same principle but the hexagons can be used individually with other designs.  I'm not sure what exactly I will use for my table runner since I don't have a lot of time but at least now I have an idea of what to use that sunflower print for.  It's funny because these patterns are not new but it's the first that I've seen or used them in my short quilting career.  I've been exposed to some of these but never wanted to try them until now.  I guess that's where keeping an open mind comes in.

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