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Friday, May 25, 2012

We're Smokin'

My hubby finally got his new electric smoker up and running the other day.  He's a guy who really researches a new purchase and wants to be fully prepared.  I was going to get a whole chicken out the night before and have it ready for the smoker but I forgot.  So the day we decided to cook I took out a couple packs of pork chops we thought would be a small project to smoke.  When all was said and done we decided to go "whole hog" so to speak and fill the smoker with similar sized pieces.  We had 6 pork chops, 4 lengths of cajun sausage, 4 split chicken breasts and 4 chicken thighs.  They cooked up really well in an afternoon and taste delicious.  I think our favorites are the sausage and chicken which stayed moist with a nice smokey flavor.  I just put salt and pepper on the chops and I was disappointed in their taste which was kind of bland.  They weren't as dry as I had expected though.  I was amazed at the chicken breasts and how moist they were.  I used some in a salad last night and the smoke flavor was definitely apparent.  So all in all I'd say our first attempt was a success.  Now we're looking forward to smoking bigger and better things.

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