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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Morning of Exercise

Yes, I finally started exercising again but this time with a twist.  I have a space set up downstairs for my exercise dvds, ball, weights, etc. but have lost interest in it the last several months.  I knew with the new year I would need to start up again if nothing else but to reassure the cardiologist that I am, in fact, exercising.  I realize I could have told him anything, just to get him off my back, but that's not in my nature.  Even if it's one lap around the mall with some strategically placed stops, it's still exercise.  Anyway, my hubby was the one who suggested enrolling at the Y to help him lose some weight and I was totally on board.  I have wanted to do some classes there, even Silver Sneakers, since I retired.  That's what I did this morning and I really feel great.  I'm probably the youngest with the least amount of gray hair and also able to do what the instructor asks.  There was a lot of stretching going on which I'm sure will feel like muscle spasms come tomorrow morning.  It  was a good place to start  until I work my way into another class.   No major expectations this time around though  -  just for the fun of it.  That's what it's all about for me now  -  doing things I enjoy!

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