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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ahead of our Time

That's exactly what my older daughter and I are as far as binge TV.  I read about it in this morning's paper and immediately recalled those nights watching episode after episode of The Apprentice.  She was working at the video store and picked up the dvds for us.  Sometimes we would watch 3 or4 in an evening of a previous season.  Once she moved away and I got Netflix, I did the same thing with the Housewives.  Then I reached the roadblock.  Netflix and their deals halted my renting a bunch of the seasons  -  only Target has access to most of those.  I'm trying it again with my free month of Netflix.  After this movie is sent back, I'm due for the 1st season of Castle.  Of course, I can get my fill of binge tv already on TNT (Castle and Mentalist) and USA (Law and Order).  TvLand also does the King of Queens for me late night.  And I just found out that Curb Your Enthusiasm will be on too.  So, I'm not the only one watching tv and catching up on shows but I sure was ahead of my time.

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