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Friday, February 1, 2013

One Potato, Two Potato

Yesterday I made my first potato bag for the microwave.  I've seen these before but talked myself out of it because of safety concerns.  Then I read more about it and discovered that they really are safe as long as you follow the right precautions.  I was unable to find the potato fabric at any of the shops , only pricey fabric on the internet so I used other 100% cotton that I had.  It worked well for me because there was stuff that I knew I wouldn't be able to use anywhere else.  I ended up using some blue fabric with coffee beans on it and a brown for the lining. That's the most important part of the whole process  -  100% cotton, including the thread.  What's nice about this is that it can also be used as a hotpad.  My only problem with the bag was getting the closure figured out.  It was supposed to overlap in the front of the bag.  I tried twice until I got that right as the instructions didn't explain it very well at all.  So last night, along with some spencer steaks and salad, I made 2 baked potatoes in my bag.  You are not supposed to prick them, just wrap in a paper towel and put them in the bag.  Cook according to your microwave and voila  -  delicious! 

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