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Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Pillowcase Ideas

I've been making a lot of pillowcases the past couple years, mainly for the grandkids.  The idea came from the girl I used to work at Preschool with when she told me she makes them in seasonal material for a child she knew.  At one point I went out and bought a bunch of fabric with the intention of making pillowcases but never got around to it.  The turning point in this was when I found the pattern for pillowcases using the "burrito method".  I absolutely love this technique!  And by the way, all that material I originally bought for them was used on some other quilts.  So now I buy more relevant fabric.  The first ones I made for the kids were a sports one and a horse one.  They went over very well and now I think they look forward to them and even expect them.  I just mentioned to my hubby  that I should be writing down exactly which ones I make them so they are not duplicated.  I would definitely hear about that.  Last month it was Valentine's Day and needless to say, making one for a boy was tricky.  I did a soccer one and avoided the whole discussion.  This month is St. Patrick's Day (hers is shamrocks/his is pots of gold) and Easter (hers is pink and purple eggs/his is Snoopy at Eastertime).   As we were walking through JoAnn's, my hubby found some hockey material  -  wow, what a find!  Now when I need a holiday one for a boy and can't find it, I can resort back to this.  Another idea that came to mind is a birthday one.  They have adorable birthday-related fabric either with cutesy cupcakes or fireworks that would be great.  I've come a long way from the birthday presents I made some of my daughter's friends out of bought pillowcases with movie characters on them.  I cut them up and made a floor pillow out of them.  I knew they were hits when the girls would lug them to our house for sleepovers.

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