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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Diet Woes

I feel like I hit my limit with my weight especially when the only pants I could fit into were exercise pants.  I'm exaggerating of course but you get the idea.  I have cut down on portion sizes drastically but to no avail.  I realize that my biggest problem is low metabolism but this is ridiculous.  So I'm going with a plan that worked for me in the past which is higher protein, no sweets, no breads, more water, etc. -  you get the idea.  It kind of fits in with what they talked about this morning on tv  -  the same food every day.  It really takes the excitement out of eating so you're not looking forward to it as much. The down side is I'll probably be eating salads every day which could influence my meds.    We'll see what happens.  Unfortunately, the clothes situation is desperate so I might have to shop for a couple more things. 

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