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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shop Hop Updates

When I went on the shop hop, I wrote about some of the things I wanted to buy along the way to be entered in the drawing.  Well, I've been able to try out some of the things I bought and have an update.  I wanted the rubber rings that go under a ruler to keep it from sliding while I cut material but someone talked me into the sandpaper circles instead.  I've been putting these circles on all my rulers and they work really well.  I'm still not convinced they are better than the others but these will certainly work.  Yesterday I was trying to finish up the table runner I'm making my daughter after having to buy more fabric for the back.  I wanted to use the binding tool I bought on the shop hop.  I guess that one day at the class I took was not enough for me to remember how to use it.  Mind you, I was just watching that day as I registered late.  The instructions were not the best even though it was touted that they were right there on the tool.  I goofed, and goofed and had to add more binding strips to what I had originally sewn on.  I also had to find a video that would explain it better.  Now I know and it looks good.  Of course, my attempt at also sewing the other side of the binding on with the machine was not as perfect.  Hopefully, practice will make perfect.  I made one more revelation as I reorganized my sewing room about some small projects I'd like to try and other templates I bought at the shop hop.  I 'm going to make some blocks, sometimes referred to as UFO's (UnFinished Objects) and add to them to make pillow shams.  They would finish off the bed very nicely, I think.  That might also get some of those patterns out of my system so I can finish bigger projects I have.  We'll see what happens.

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