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Monday, November 14, 2011

New Dip Recipe

This was a dip recipe I have had in the back of my mind for quite awhile.  It was a couple years ago when apples and jalapenos were abundant in the garden that I found a recipe in the SureJell box for a freezer jam.  My intention was to make it, freeze it and then serve it as a dip over cream cheese.  I actually did get it out once to use but the cream cheese that I was told would freeze nicely, didn't and it was very grainy.  So it all went back in the freezer.  All along I kind of thought it would be too hot for me anyway as it had a lot of peppers.  Well, I decided to pull it out of the freezer and along with a half package of cream cheese, I tried it.  Delicious!  It was not hot at all but the taste of the jalapenos came through with the sweetness of the apples.  It was almost like a dessert dip.  If I find the recipe again, I think I would use some of the seeds of the jalapenos to add a little heat to it.  Once before I got a recipe for Cranberry Walnut Jam during my stay at preschool and that also could be used over cream cheese.  I never tried it like that, especially knowing my hubby has an aversion to cream cheese.  Now that I've had this, that other recipe sounds very intriguing.  I think it would make a good appetizer for Thanksgiving. 

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