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Monday, November 7, 2011

Yard Work

We kind of seized an opportunity this weekend that's working pretty well for us.  The neighbors had mentioned that at some point they'd like to widen and redo their driveway.  My hubby's ears perked up right away because we needed just the end of our driveway fixed and it was too small of a job to get someone over to do it.  Well, Saturday when we came home from shopping we found a concrete guy over at the neighbors giving him an estimate on their work.  As soon as we pulled in we had the same idea  -  go over and see what you can do.  The guy was willing to fit ours in at the same time and it's already dug up.  It brought to mind work we've had done in the past and how we love to watch it happen.  The little girl next door even got to ride in the backhoe as he was digging up their driveway!  She sat in the garage and just watched as the magic happened.  Building our garage was the same for us back in the 80's.  The neighbor and my son parked some lawn chairs and watched the show.  There's just something about seeing a pile of stuff become a building of some kind that fascinates us  -  young and old.

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