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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Handicapped Stall

This is something I came across in the paper last week and have been thinking about it ever since. A reader was annoyed that people who were not handicapped were using the stall in the bathroom reserved for them. It got me thinking that I use that stall just out of convenience. For one thing it's usually furthest from the entrance and you can move around without crashing into a wall. Of course, if anyone handicapped is in there, I would surely let them use it. I didn't realize that people think of it like a handicapped parking space but I don't. It is not typically off-limits to anyone who isn't handicapped but merely there for someone who is. Not to be flip but if they are in a wheelchair maybe they can wait for the stall better than someone else who has to stand. I know that sounds awful but I'm just being honest. Since that article I've watched and I'm not the only one who uses that stall so in the future I will continue but always with regard to other people using the restroom.
Just a side note about my magazine subscription debacle in a previous blog - the $5.99 was for Better Homes and Gardens and I just received my Martha bag for my subscription to Living for $10.00 (what a deal).

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I use that stall when available, too!