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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Day with the Grandkids

Sunday we got the grandkids while we were at the cabin to stay with us for the week. We've had alot of things planned to do with them and some fell through which was disappointing. I was surprised that the first 24 hours included a few of the things I had hoped to share with the kids. The first afternoon, even before my son had a chance to leave, the kids and I both got to see a rattlesnake. It was up on our neighbors roof and my husband took a gun over for the neighbor's son to use to kill it. I knew, despite the efforts of those kids, that if I ever wanted to have those kids with us again I better not let them over there until it was all over. At one point while sitting on the front porch of our cabin, my grandson said "Will we be able to hear when they shoot it?". Immediately after that we heard the shot and the question was answered. We got the go-ahead and went over to see it and talk to the family of our neighbor. That will be something they will remember. That evening we went looking for elk and saw several doe and one huge bull elk that literally stopped traffic. People were pulling off to the side of the road, getting out and walking into the person's yard to take a picture. We at least did it from inside the car. We finished off the evening with some fireworks that the kids enjoyed. This morning I wasn't sure how early they would get up and if they would be able to see the deer at the cabin but it worked out perfectly. They were able to see the doe and two baby fawns come into the yard first thing in the morning. We really love having the chance to share these things with these 2 wonderful kids. I'll keep you posted on our adventures.

1 comment:

  1. This mommy totally appreciates waiting to take ye kiddos over until after the snake was dead ;)