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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mission Accomplished

We got the grandkids back home on Saturday so now I'm busy putting together a scrapbook for them with all the pictures from the week. We managed to do almost all the things we had hoped for and they were real troopers through it all. I can thank their parents for doing the ground work and making last week possible. We were confident that we could take them anywhere and be proud, even with less than normal amounts of sleep. I am amazed at what good eaters both of them are. Even faced with something they really don't care for, they don't fuss and carry on like some kids. They were also willing to try some new stuff such as the wings at Chuck E. Cheese. I realize we catered to them, more so than with our own kids, but that's pretty much what grandparents are there for. When I did have to say "no", the kids were very good about it and didn't fight me. My main goal was to get them home safe and sound and then want to do it again next year. Hopefully it was Mission Accomplished.

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