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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hometown Foods

Today I'm writing about foods that are specific to a certain area. There were a couple of things lately that got me thinking about this. One of the food writers from our paper sent out an e-mail last week asking for Tastes of Erie in addition to Smith's hot dogs, ox roast, and pepperoni balls. I thought for a minute and came up with our sponge candy from Stefanelli's. The next day in the paper was another article about a Facebook page that was all about things specific to Erie and they mentioned the sponge candy. We take alot of these things for granted but until we travel, we have no idea the rest of the world is so deprived. Then my daughter-in-law talked about a certain tomato pie on Facebook. I kind of knew what she was talking about since she's loved a certain pizza that my hubby gets at International Bakery, but I looked it up and found the recipe. Of course, when I mentioned it to my hubby, he just had to stop and buy some. It also got me thinking about pizza we had growing up and continued to get every Friday night in Chewton when we would visit. It had that same kind of sweet sauce, thick crust and sprinkling of Romano cheese. It came in 2 varieties - sweet and hot (hot peppers), but no pepperoni. Of course, the ultimate food pick has to be the hot dog or Greek sauce that we get in New Castle. Yea, most cities have some kind of sauce but it's nothing like theirs. That's why whenever we make a trip down there we have to stop and get a couple containers of it for our hot dogs.

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