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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This one is about the moment I felt satisfied with my life.  Wow, where do you start with this one.  Should it be something momentous, an achievement award or such, a major accomplishment, or tiny moment in time that affected me, a sunset that was breathtaking, a peacefulness that came over me, a moment of complete serenity  -  what path do I take.  I think I'm putting way too much time into this one!  I came up with 2 moments that tell me I did something right in my life.  The first was when everyone in my family came to see me at the hospital for my surgery.  I try not to send them on a guilt trip but I'm sure they could have sensed my disappointment if they weren't there so maybe that shouldn't count.  I made it through fairly well I'd say with not a lot of anguish or fear.  As I was waiting to go into the operating room, I noticed it was number 73 which made me feel like everything would be fine since that's my lucky number (year I got married and graduated).  But the moment that I can honestly say was even better was when the grandkids visited in July.  We spent the week doing a bunch of things and my main goal was to get them back home safe and sound.  When the week was over and we were going home I asked Braden if he wanted to come back next year and do it again and there was an emphatic "Sure".  Those are the kind of moments I will look forward to having every year.

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