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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Martha Bashing

I guess I'm on a roll, nothing can stop me now! Decided yesterday to make a hat for our upcoming Field Days in Centre Co. Whenever I need a hat for the sun, I usually have to wear a baseball cap and don't particularly like them. I'm not even much of a hat wearer but some things demand it. So anyway, I ran across a pretty easy pattern in my Martha magazine and printed out the pattern last night. Wow, was Martha getting bashed on that site for a pattern that people said was too difficult and a waste of time. Then a little 9 yr. old said her Grammy said she could make it and it was easy. I went ahead and tried putting the pattern together as it was in pieces like a puzzle. Oh, I forgot to mention that after all these complaints, someone from Martha's got on and provided another site to go to for some help (didn't really help much though). I finally went back to the olden days when a good size window was the best tool you could have, especially if you didn't have a light box. Crafters will know what I mean by a light box. That would have been too small for this project anyway. What I had to do was make the hash marks darker with a marker, put them up on the glass in order to see through, line them all up and tape them together. It still got a little tricky with the last row of the brim when I had 2 rows already up there and had to tape a 3rd. Anyway I managed to get it together so it wasn't as impossible as all those people were saying. I've decide on a beige print with some pink flowers and a solid beige inside. We'll see how it works out. I realized that doing these small projects in between the quilts keeps my sanity intact!! I'll post a picture on when I'm done.

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