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Friday, August 26, 2011

TV Addiction

TV addiction  -  what an awful thing.  It drags us in and keeps us hanging for a whole week with no end in sight.  I'm guilty of ODing on it.  I first started watching reality tv with the Apprentice and not even when it first started.  Then it was Biggest Loser after the first few seasons, then reruns on cable from Australia and UK.  When that didn't satisfy me, I rented old dvds and watched them late at night.  Now I have Bravo and the Housewives to keep up with my fixes.  Bravo is like that bag of candy I talked about before but with every new Housewives show it's more like a bottomless bag that they keep full of tv goodies.  I have to say though, I'm a functioning addict thanks to Bravo.  I can still live my life because they constantly replay all my shows.  My hubby is also very sympathetic to my addiction and made sure the tv we have at the cabin has Bravo  -  what a guy!  Do I need help with my addiction  -  no, I get that from Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen (on Bravo) where he brings us all together to talk about our addiction.  So for the record, my name is Mary and yes, I'm a reality show addict.

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