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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Two Mile Walk

This a visual tour of my 2 mile walk at our cabin. Here's our cabin nestled in the woods of Moshannon State Forest. There's a sharp incline right at the end of our driveway so things get hoppin right out of the gate.

As I walk along there's alot of interesting things to see and if I'm lucky I may see a deer running away from me.

This is the CCC Camp that was built in the 1930's. The following sign is located across from it and there are other personal camps down that road.

Across from the camp is a very unique outhouse with stained glass windows. It's even a two-seater!

This is a picture of me at the intersection of Fourmile Rd. I travel a bit further to make up my 2 mile walk and then I head back home.

P.S. That was my 200th blog posting!


  1. What a beautiful place...perfect for retirement. I wish there were more pics and you look great!

  2. Thanks Judy, Hope to see you in Sept. at the lunch.

  3. The outhouse is really funny! Two seats and stained glass! I never saw an outhouse like this.

    Beautiful landscape!