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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Floppy Hat

And it is very floppy! In fact my hubby says it reminds him of an old Petula Clark video where the background singers have on similar floppy hats. It will definitely do a good job of keeping the sun off my face and back of my neck. As I said before in my other blog, the pattern was a bugger. The brim alone was 9 pages that I had to piece together like a puzzle and tape. But I did it. The rest of the pattern was not too difficult. I realized early on that I would need more interfacing in both brims to have it hold up like I wanted. Everything fit pretty well but there was alot of easing necessary to connect the crown and side panel. I also added some topstitching to the brim and side panel, just to finish it off a bit. The last part that was my idea was to add eyelets to the crown and side panel to help let some air in. They went in very well, I thought.

Since it is a little floppier, I can fold the front up so I can see. Of course, you know by now I'm off on my next project. Keep you posted.

1 comment:

  1. I love the fabric you used. And I think the eyelets were a great idea. Nice hat!