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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My First Love

I'm interpreting this in a different way which I guess is my prerogative. Besides crafts which probably came a little later, my first love would have to be music. I remember Christmas when I was about 12, I got my chord organ. My sister was helping to put it together Christmas Eve and she must not have been able to keep it to herself because she came upstairs and got me to come down and play with it. Her only request was that I didn't tell my brother. For years after that, even into high school, I would come home from school, go to my bedroom and play that chord organ. It didn't matter what I played, be it Christmas carols, church music, or old time favorites, I played and sang along. It seems like this love of music ran in our family, especially the females. Both my sisters played musical instruments in school and one of my sisters continued taking piano lessons to fulfill this dream of hers. Both my daughters played instruments also and my older daughter inherited that chord organ from me. I remember many Christmases when she performed for us. My one disappointment was that I never learned how to read music and be able to play the piano but I still have that same love of music. I'm fully aware that I have no musical talent to speak of but that doesn't keep me from enjoying it.

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