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Friday, August 19, 2011

My Family

My parents have been gone for quite awhile but I still think about them and write in this blog about them, especially my mother. My mom and I are very similar in what we enjoy doing such as crafts, cooking, playing cards and our volunteer work. She was a Girl Scout leader for many years just like me. One thing I could say about my mom is that she would try just about anything, craft wise. As far as cooking, she especially liked to make desserts - her pies were the absolute best! Whenever I would take the kids down to visit, she would always have the cards dealt out and ready to go the minute I got there. My dad enjoyed his garden and took great pride in it. When he wasn't in his garden, he enjoyed sports and TV, especially westerns. I don't think he ever missed a Bonanza show! Both of my parents had a hard life growing up. My mom's mom died when she was only 12 and she quit school in the 8th grade so she could stay home with her younger sister to help take care of their brothers as they worked. My dad went to the 6th grade and then started working. I remember him telling us how he and a bunch of other guys would sometimes come to Erie to pick fruit. Other times when he had a job at home, he wouldn't get paid with money but a bottle of milk. When he brought it home they would have to use it in their coffee so it would go further. Despite their struggles in their youth, both my parents have been very generous with us. When my husband was laid off from work, my dad was right there helping us. I'm sure the hard times they went through have helped my sisters, brother and I become the people we are today. With not much education to speak of, we couldn't ask them for help with our studies. They still supported us in our goals, whatever they might be. Now that my siblings and I all have our own families, we still look to each other for love and support, which is what family is all about.

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