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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Board Games I Love

Once again I'm unable to just name one board game that I like  -  I have several.  One of my first favorites was the Barbie Prom game.  I know it's a kid's game but I like it so much that I bought one at a thrift store as an adult to play with my granddaughter someday.  I remember playing this at some one's house for a sleepover and then requesting they bring it to my house at a later time.  The first one had cards for Ken, Pointdexter and a couple other guys and also the dresses you could choose.  Another game I first played at a friend's house was Mille Borne (1000 miles in French) and I later asked for one for myself.  I remember my mom and I playing it and saying the french words for everything including essence for gas.  We had a ball.  Then with my own kids I recall us all playing Mall Madness.  It was kind of a hassle setting up but we each had a credit card to put through a slot and it went "ch-ching".  There were sales and clearances all over and the object was to buy a certain amount and then leave the mall.  I wish now we hadn't gotten rid of that one  -  I think even my grandson would have enjoyed that one.  Ch-ching!!

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