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Saturday, September 17, 2011

McKean's 150th Anniversary

Well, we made it home just in time to see the parade right outside our house.  This brought back many memories for me and I'm sure for the kids, too.  They used to have this parade every year and the kids would park their chairs on the lawn and wait for the candy to be thrown.  Then we would head up to the Parish Center for rides, food, and bingo.  They also had a big tent set up for gambling games.  That was how the fire dept made most of their money but we contributed more with the food, bingo and rides.  Allison and I, and maybe Les, were in the parade for Girl Scouts, as I recall.  I mentioned to my hubby that I didn't recognize anyone in the parade this time, probably because our kids are all graduated.  How things have changed over the years.  It was nice to have something for the new people in town so they could make their own memories just like we have.

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