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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Food I Like

This is another challenge that depends on many factors.  There's not one single favorite place I like to eat.  I pride myself on being able to find something I like anywhere we go.  The one thing I don't like much is seafood however I do like a good deep-fried fish every now and then.  So as far as Chinese, any place will do, as far as pizza, Pizza Hut takes top honors, as far as Italian, I'm partial to Serafini's, as far as wings, I still love Buffalo Wild Wings (Copper Coin is under new management and therefore the decision is still out on that one), as far as Mexican, none are really my choice (either too spicy or too bland) and as far as the rest, I just go with the flow. Usually what happens is we go somewhere fairly often and then for one reason or another, we get tired of it and find another.  My philosophy is that if someone else is cooking, I'm in!

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