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Monday, September 5, 2011


OK, this one will put me back on track  -  thank goodness!  What would I never get tired of?  For this one I'd have to say crocheting.  I sometimes like to knit but I grow tired of that and need to put it away for awhile, but with crocheting that doesn't happen.  I've been very busy lately with sewing but at times I need a break from that, too.  I guess I considered my tv addiction as something I don't get tired of but sitting in front of the tv gets boring too.  This past week I broke down and bought some more yarn for an afghan at Ollies.  I swore I wouldn't buy any more after I finished a couple baby blankets but I was itching to crochet.  I had a calendar full of afghans to crochet that my sister had given me and there were a couple that I really wanted to make, so I started one over the weekend.  It felt good to be crocheting again!  I'll keep you posted on my progress and possibly a picture when it's done.

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