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Friday, September 9, 2011

No iPod

Ok, I don't have an iPod and don't really know what it is except I might have bought one for my daughter for Christmas one year.  So I assume this is about songs I'm listening to right now if I had one.  For a technology-impaired person such as me, I'll tell you what cd I am listening to in the car right now  -  Rod Stewart and his best.  I looked around a long time to find a cd with just the right songs on it.  So many were remakes but I wanted ones he recorded ,especially Forever Young.  This is one we used to listen to at the beginning of every dance show my daughter was in until Patty changed it and things weren't the same.  Now as I listen to this cd, I find myself enjoying all the songs, some more mushy than others.  I sing and move with the Some guys have all the luck and also enjoy When I was younger.  Of course, my hubby likes Maggie May as I do but that might be the only one for him.  That raspy voice of his makes it easy to sing along with  -  I even sound pretty good!  On our trips to the cabin when I start driving, we'll listen to this, maybe zip through a couple of them and then put the radio on.  At least it gives me a little fix.

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