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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Town That I Live In

McKean is the town I live in, at least for now.  I've been thinking about this one for quite awhile and how a decision decades ago influences the lives of your children and grandchildren.  I will miss living here, I know that.  I remember as our house was being built, coming here and climbing in the basement window to get a look at things.  It was the first time I had ever been in this area and thought how far away it was.  I came to realize, especially with the mall so close to the north and Edinboro so close to the south, that it was positioned just perfectly.  Our neighborhood was small and not as elite as Georgetown Hts. was, and that's how we liked it.  Our kids would fill a whole bus going to school, at least when Andy started school.  After that the numbers dwindled.  I think it was so great for the kids growing up because when they were old enough they could walk to so many things, such as the school, rec park (the back way), Country Fair, Post Office and the ice cream store.  When the kids would have friends over, they would be so tickled to have that opportunity as they lived out in the country.  Halloween was great here because the kids could walk all around the neighborhood and even a little up on 99 for candy.  Of course the down side was that we would get so many trick or treaters come here.  But it was always nice to see the preschoolers that would come and say Hi to Mrs. Markievich.

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