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Monday, September 5, 2011

Someone I Miss

I've been thinking about this challenge very thoughtfully and trying to come up with something I miss.  Being retired lets me do whatever I want so I shouldn't miss anything.  I do miss playing cards and board games with someone else.  The hubby has never been a game player so it's solitaire for me.  What I came up with is someone that likes to do the things I like, to play with and bounce ideas off of. I realized it was my mom that I miss.  I mentioned before that we were  a lot alike that way.  She was always ready to try something new, also.  As I have been sorting through pictures, I've noticed her wearing dresses that she made.  She could really help around here with the sewing.  She'd also be making a lot of goodies, especially pies which might not be as good for us.  She'd probably make them and donate them as I remember her and my dad volunteering for Meals on Wheels.  One thing I used to hate is when I went shopping with my mom how she would always find someone she knew and have to stop and talk.  That should sound familiar to my kids because they've accused me of the same thing.

1 comment:

  1. You always miss your parents. although they died years ago. I miss my father most. He was like my soul-twin, we needn't any word to understand each other, we liked the same things and I often notice that I am more and more like my father in the way I use to do something, in the way I behave. I will still miss him in hundred years.